Bones of the Mountain - an Ancient Tome

Subtitled: A Treatise on Laughter

An ancient book, written by Hofram Griffenfoot, containing poetry in Dwarvish and Elvish. The bones of the mountain is a typical dwarvish saying refering both to the strata of solid rock that support the mountains and to the veins of ore that support dwarven culture, economy, and warfare. A copy, non-magical, is in the vaults of Oghma. The original is currently in the possession of the elvish king, who William says has read the book, and has it in a room immediately behind the throne of Thornwatch. An excerpt, according to William Stone (bold sections not initially disclosed):

The Ancient ebon field lay fallow
Til ivory tooth did furrow form.
The brow of power’s prison rankled (1)
As Begin’s blinding scythe bred scorn.

Sow and Reap
Seed and Blade
Both trade places (2)
Former fades

As mortals expelled fearful cries, (3)
Evil upon evil set (4)
Then turned askance its blackened guise
No longer Talamander—-et. (5)

Dance together
Juxta season
Ripened Faith
Perplexing Reason

Talamander’s br—-(6)
Did seven; (7)
Brought to bear
On hell and heaven

Blessings severed, (8)
prayers unanswered
Gods were lost
A divine cancer

Mystra’s weave
One loosened thread
Pulled upon
And Magic, dead

Pull upon the spiked floor (9)
To open up the final door
But once you enter
Leave no more

1) The whole of the vault may be a prison.
2) A reference to the dual bladed Wristcutter
3) A clue as to how to defeat the Gnomish Death Room
4 & 5) Sounds like the forces of ‘good’ opted to turn talemander into a vampire in order to give him the power to defeat another, greater, evil?
6) Bride? A reference to Volnirda
7) Is this a reference to the Circle of Seven?
8) This whole stanza is about the disappearance of divine magic.
9) A clear reference to the final chamber we found in the vault.

Bones of the Mountain - an Ancient Tome

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