Monastery of Oghma

The Monastery of Oghma is an ancient monastery built into the side of a mountain. It is administered by the Archdean.

An interesting aside, the monks robes are never repaired, never replaced. They are mended, patched, and resewn. The elders robes look like patchwork. Nils inadvertently added to the prestige of on of the monks during an attempt at theft.

It has seven levels of increasing security, corresponding to descent into the mountain.

Organizational Structure of the Monastery

Residents of the monastery are divided into functional groups:

The Colllectors

A Collector is a skilled fighter and/or rogue who tracks and retrieves various items for study and safekeeping in the monastery.

Collectors work solo or in small teams depending on the mission. They are given mysterious poorly understood and poorly functioning dwarven artifacts to aid them. One such item is a Talking Stone that allows the Collector to communicate with the monastery while far afield. Another object is a satchel with a runic clasp that purports to dampen/restrain the magical effets of any item placed in it. This is the Collector’s specimen bag.

The Master Collector doles out the missions and reports directy to the Archdean. Collectors rarly know why they are to collect somethng, only that it must be done, at all costs.

The Searchers

A Searcher spends his/her day researching obscure questions and experimenting on items in the Monestary’s collection. Like Collectors, Searchers work indivudaly or in small groups on specific tasks without much context or precise knowledge of why the research is being done.

Searchers are proficient in reading, writing in any number of languages, and may specialize in religion, arcana, history, alchemy, and many other disciplines.

The head Searcher is called, simply, the Dean. He gives research assignments and reports directly to the Archdean.

The Warders

A Warder is a fighter or warrior monk who defends the Monastery from enemies. They are separate from the Warders of Thornwatch, who have their own agenda and chain of elven command.

A group of Warders known as the Hand of Oghma act as an internal affairs department that roots out heretics, theives, and spies from rival monestaries.

The head Warder is known as the Captain and reports to the Vice Dean.

The Helpers

A Helper is a monk or layperson who performs a variety of tasks necessary to keep the monstary running. Accounting, brewing, gardening, gift shop cashiering, stable mucking, healing, etc. are all done by Helpers.

The head Helper is the Steward and he reports to the Vice Dean.

Levels of the Monastery

Level One

Contains the monastery gift shop, as well as stables and pens for the animals kept by the monastery.

Level Two

Living quarters for the acolytes, barracks, mess-hall, prison.

Level Three

Offices of the Archdean and the Vice Dean. Also contains the armory and mundane texts, such as pornography.

Level Four

Contains some objects of minor power, such as potions and scrolls. There is a kitchen, which contains a secret passageway to the fifth level. It also contains reference books of some significance, including texts on minor demons and devils.

This is the level to which Weneet is typically assigned.

Level Five

The fifth level contains powerful weapons and armor, as well as rarer reference books. The amor of the giant Methet is suspended from the ceiling in the main hall of the level.

Level Six

A much smaller level, mostly confined to a single room. It contains powerful tomes, secret histories, and other eldritch lore.

Level Seven

The deepest level of the monastery holds holy relics, extra-planar items, and the most prized reference books of the institution.


Monastery of Oghma

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