Bruner's Cleft

Map of the Valley

Settled into the bottom of a horshoe valley surrounded on almost all fronts by enormous Mountain Range known as The Five Sisters, lies an ancient Dwarven Citadel known as BrĂ¼ner’s Doom or The Shadow Forge (The original dwarves name translates roughy as “Halls of the Golden Forge.” Abandoned by the dwarves hundreds (perhaps thousands) of years ago, the area was resettled by a tribe of humans led by a charismatic Oghmatic monk whose name has been lost to time. The monks quickly moved into the empty dwarven redoubt and claimed it as a monastery for Oghma. The common people built a town within the valley. Legends say that, unbeknownst to the humans, they had settled into the far reaches of a powerful Elven kingdom and that elven kingdom did not take kindly to the presence of the short-lived, precocious and reckless humans in their midst. The elves harassed their caravans and killed their livestock and set the Frost Giants above against them. The Humans, undeterred, started to lay ambushes for the Elves, killing them in substantial numbers. Eventually, the Elven kingdom could brook no more and send a battalion of elves to wipe out the noisome humans including a large, ancient Ent named Thorn that acted as a mobile siege platform.


Bounded by Thornwatch, the valley holds the Monastery of Oghma.

Bruner's Cleft

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