The Bones of the Mountain

Session Two

Awakenings Dark and Light

Tansil was ‘interviewing’ William about the events surrounding the book.

They found out that Weneet had a habit of tapping it, and found out that he always tapped a series of books.

On the suspicion that they might be magic, all of Weneet’s favorite books were rounded up and put under lock and key. William managed to get a bit of time to read the book, and he declared that it wasn’t the original, and given that it is in both elvish and dwarvish, the original must be in thornwatch.

A ruckus drew their attention, and they went down towards the 5th level, to find the elves dead or dying, and many wounded members of the abbey under assault by levitating swords.

The swords were beaten down, and an inwardly lit suit of armor came up towards the door.

William closed the door and barred it. The armor had trouble getting through and bashed repeatedly against it. Worried that the armor might find other survivors on the other side, the PCs evacuated the non-combantants, Tansil healed those who needed it with newfound celestial power , had the door to the fourth level closed and barred, then they opened the door to the fifth, and the armor charged in.



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