The Bones of the Mountain

Session Three

Tansil Matterham Slept the day away and had a nice brunch after the battle with the phantom armor and weapons.

Milo Moonsilver went to visit his father Uhredith Moonsilver with William Stone and met Milo’s uncle, Amrodt Moonsilver at the gates to the recently fortified Thornwatch, clearly vigilant against the events of recent days. Nils Rivalor came along as well! His uncle seemed to express some sympathy for the situation as it appears magic is re-entering the world.

Amrodt allowed Milo, William and Nils to enter and after a testy exchange between Milo and his estranged father, they were escorted in to meet King Andursa, who had apparently become a MUCH younger version of himself. After a back and forth, the King brought William Stone into an antechamber alone. Upon exiting with the King, William Stone emerged, covered in blood and started loudly proclaiming something about “The Hunt”.

The party came back, took a secret entrance into the next level of the Vaults and confronted a mummy and destroyed it. They found X items. Giant armor in level 5. Slid wall aside. William and Nils came in last. Mummy rats.

Nils got bracers of archery, 13 precious stones (1 a pearl) at 100gp each.William Stone got…? Periapt of wound closure.



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