The Bones of the Mountain

Session One

William convinced out-of-towner Niles to help him get a copy of a book out of the vaults.

The party coalesced around a paladin (Milo, played by Ben) who guarded one of the vaults in the monastery. They goaded him into helping them access to the vault. Once inside, the historian Lucian (played by Claire) used some pretty fancy talkin (a Suggestion spell with a disastrous fail by the target, The Vice Dean of the Monastery) to gain access to the highest levels.

They still had to go through security pat-downs on the way in and eventually made it to the 4th level (of 7, with the 7th holding the most powerful artifacts).

While in level 4, the party split up, with the paladin and ranger finding some malevolent entity was involved in the theft of a book reported recently missing.

During the security sweep into level 5, the recently missing book was found in Lucian’s bag. The rogue, Nils (played by Charles) said he put it there. Nils and Lucian were put into a holding cell.

While the PCs were there trying to sort out what was going on, an invisible raven was caught by the ranger William while talking to Lucian on his shoulder. The raven appeared, struggling in William’s hand. This was astonishing because no one had seen magic in hundreds of years. The entire party saw this including a guard who called out for the Vice Chancellor, who rushed in, but not before William released the bird for unknown reasons. Everyone claimed not to have seen the raven except for the guard. This brought the Archdean in and the paladin paused, broke down and explained almost everything including the magic that was seen.

The archdean scoffed and handed a “magic” polearm to the paladin and told him to make it work. The polearm immediately began to glow, the elderly archdean, terrified and amazed, had a massive heart attack and almost died at the feet of the paladin. The paladin reached out and healed him. The Archdean called out “Oghma be praised!” and that was the end of the session.



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