The Bones of the Mountain

Session 8

Sigrid and Nils return to the monastery, where they find the monks rolling the great stone out of the way. The monks are also busy trying to sort fact from fiction, now that their fables have come true.

An army of orcs has arrived outside Thornwatch.

Reentering the Chamber of Thodish, Sigrid and Nils find a new door in the back of the chamber. It’s been wrenched open with a section of iron bar. Part of the door rotates, and violently tosses Nils on his way through.

They find Tansil, asleep, with Weenet standing over him. Tansil is recovering from some vicious wounds delivered by an apparently bloodthirsty wave.

Sigrid decides to head down the darker passageway that smells of steel, oil and rot.

The passageway is brick-lined. With steel steampipes. Eventually, a collapsed wall is found with a peculiar black translucent membrane. Continued through without problems, though it made the tattoos on Weenet’s skin glow.

Tansil translates a wet fragment of paper stuck to the floor that says something about “technology being developed by the government.”

Sigrid and Nils discover subway tracks. Weenet gets abducted by the subway train. Sigrid and Tansil try and give chase but accidentally touch the third rail. Rediscovering Weenet, Nils picks the lock on a door to a subway control room, and the four tumble in just as the subway train passes.

Sigrid pushes a strange button and causes a subway train to derail. Many people are hurt. The train was apparently given movement by teams of zombies. Sigrid accidentally kills more people by flipping switches in the damaged train.

Tansil uses the gold coins he recently found to purchase winter clothing and boots for he and Weenet, as well as reimburse the shopkeepers for the clothing that Nils steals concurrently.

The four find their way into a bar off Times Square. They discover toilets, running water and preserved food. Nils gets drunk slowly on watered down ale.

The four stumble into a musical performance, where they see a performance involving the US and Nazis? where the Nazis are winning, but a necromancer raises the dead and allows the US to defeat the Nazis. And the U.S. subsequently puts zombies into massive flying machines and sprinkles them over the Japanese empire.

They find hotel rooms, watch the Three Stooges, and go to sleep.



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