The Bones of the Mountain

Session 4

When last we had left our party, they were recovering from a shocking encounter with a walking corpse wrapped in rags and a horde of rabid rats.

The party, assured by the medicantus that they had recently recovered a recipe for a salve that could cure magical diseases, set to debate their next move with Tansil lobbying to return to the Archdean to report their current findings and Lucian demanding they move forward. While they argued, they also took stock of the room around them.

There are 5 doors in the room, each 8 feet tall by 10 feet wide.
left RED, then GOLD, then WHITE, then a door that has fallen down that is BLACK, and a BLUE door all the way to the right. Behind where the BLACK door was on the wall, is just a stone wall, not a doorway.

Tansil insists that the group leave the level and report everything to the Archdean. Tansil tried to stand between Nils and the doors. Nils tried to search Tanil’s pockets, and accidentally breaks through his robe and accidentally touches him below the waist.

Weenet and two guards approach. Tansil insist that they escort Nils and Lucian off the floor. William Stone slipped and fell on some rat guts and ended up face-to-face with the mummy’s now inanimate remains and took a deep breath to yell out and sucked in a heaping helping of mummy dust. He seemed fine for a short while, but several minutes later he turned a sickly shade of brown and collapsed onto the floor. Guards from the monastery quickly shuffled him off to the infirmary.

Weenet gets weirded out and leaves the room. the party follows and Tansil takes the team to talk to the Archdean. The Archdean’s assistant comes out and says the Archdean has fallen sick in the last hour. The Archdean is laid out on a bed, and looks almost dead. He looks at Milo. Everyone but the party is ordered from the room.

The Archdean has been having visions of the monks and elves fighting. He sees a great evil. He tells us the 6th level has not been breached in 300 years. All records of level 6 were destroyed or lost. There’s a group called The Order of Talamander, a mythical secret order, trying to hide info about level 6 and 7. The Bones of the Mountain could have some clues. He tells us there are rumors of a movement growing amongst the elves to take control of the monastery.

Tansil gets him a drink of water and turns around only to see the Archdean sighing out his last breath. Milo tries to lay hands on him to heal him and he turns to dust. Milo and Tansil cry out in grief, and Nils, unseen, steals something from a nearby bookcase.

Lucian gathers some ashes of the Archdean in a bottle. Lucian explains to the team about Oberon and the dwarven and elven translations.

Milo, Will and Tansil take a long rest and meanwhile, Lucian reviews what the Archdean had been reading. It was about The Reaving and Talamander using Thodish’s hammer. Talamander exited the vault into the valley as Thornwatch was overrun.Evil creatures followed him from the vault. He ascended into the night sky, and dropped down and smote both evil and good alike, tearing cankered flesh and healthy tissue from the bosom of the earth. He attacked with such great ferocity it is said that he devoured the flesh of friend and foe alike. Talamander was given a great status and the monastery placed The Hammer of Thodish back inside the deepest vault. Talamander was so disturbed by what he did, that he disappeared when The Hammer was interred and was never seen again.

Meanwhile, Nils runs into Tansil and Brother Elich coming out of the cold storage when he goes to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Elich makes deluxe sandwich for both of them. Nils gets a cistern of wine. Brother Elich gives Nils a pack with 3 days of tasty rations.

Milo checks in on Will, who is weak, but recovering. Some of the clerics in the order have begun to manifest rudimentary healing powers and had made much progress in treating the rot. Luckily, they caught it early and it had not set in aggressively.

Milo goes to talk to his mom in the cloister, but she was not allowed as she had taken a vow of solitude. Milo was turned away.

The party made way back into the 6th level of the Vault. 12 heavily armored soldiers in the kitchen and around the doors to level 6. Tansil asks Weenet about his fears. He asks about the mummy Weenet says that was not darkness, just a passing shadow. He takes us to the section of the 5th level about the history of the monastery. All the useful books are missing.

We go back to the 6th floor and look at the doors. he upper arch of the empty doorway has been crushed, looks like a long time ago. Nils looks at the White door. Realizes it is covered in hoarfrost. Lucian tries to touch it with a torch, and the fire goes out.

Tansil looks at the Canopic jars in the mummy. He opens one of the jars, then closes it. He notices a circular pattern of dust on the floor. The mummy had been walking in circles in the room for quite some time.

The Red door is burning hot.

Lucian touches the Blue door. The door bulges then starts to pull him in. Milo charges the door with his glaive, he sinks in all the way up to his hands. The door grabs onto Milo as well.
Lucian fails to extricate himself from the door and shillelaghs his staff and it grows leaves and glows.

Tansil throws holy water on the team at the door and blesses them. Lucian is engulfed by a giant translucent matte cube, the cube pulses with an inner fire and expands and contracts quickly. Nils shoots it with a crossbow and hits, barely missing Lucian who feels some small objects inside the cube. The cube goes into the doorway and back out. Milo tries to pull his glaive back out, the cube grabs onto his hands and covers them in acid. Lucian escapes from the cube, grabbing the glave and pulling it out as he leaps back, doing damage.

Tansil shoots the cube with a crossbow.
The cube tries to engulf Milo and Lucian unsuccessfully.
Nils shoot it with a crossbow
Lucian steps back and uses magic to analyze its defenses
Tansil shoots it with crossbow
The cube engulfs Nils, but he escapes
Milo attacks with his glaive
Lucian give it a little eldritch blast – kerpew.
Tansil shoot it with his crossbow
Milo dodges a lunge from the cube
Nils shoots it with crossbow
Milo slices it through it and it falls into liquid.
Lucian says “I told you it was a liquid door!”
Lucian notes that the gelatinous cube is a species known as Oozious Maximus.
There is some loot that was in the cube on the floor.
The snail trail of the cube smokes and bubbles on the Black door.
Milo detect evil, theres a subtle feeling of evil from Lucian’s area. There is a sense of something evil from the area near the canoptic jars. There is a sense of something celestial in the jar Tansil is holding. Tansil opens the jar, and a bright white piece of chalk is in it. He puts the chalk back in the jar.
The doors give off a competing sense of good and evil.



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