The Bones of the Mountain

Session 8

Sigrid and Nils return to the monastery, where they find the monks rolling the great stone out of the way. The monks are also busy trying to sort fact from fiction, now that their fables have come true.

An army of orcs has arrived outside Thornwatch.

Reentering the Chamber of Thodish, Sigrid and Nils find a new door in the back of the chamber. It’s been wrenched open with a section of iron bar. Part of the door rotates, and violently tosses Nils on his way through.

They find Tansil, asleep, with Weenet standing over him. Tansil is recovering from some vicious wounds delivered by an apparently bloodthirsty wave.

Sigrid decides to head down the darker passageway that smells of steel, oil and rot.

The passageway is brick-lined. With steel steampipes. Eventually, a collapsed wall is found with a peculiar black translucent membrane. Continued through without problems, though it made the tattoos on Weenet’s skin glow.

Tansil translates a wet fragment of paper stuck to the floor that says something about “technology being developed by the government.”

Sigrid and Nils discover subway tracks. Weenet gets abducted by the subway train. Sigrid and Tansil try and give chase but accidentally touch the third rail. Rediscovering Weenet, Nils picks the lock on a door to a subway control room, and the four tumble in just as the subway train passes.

Sigrid pushes a strange button and causes a subway train to derail. Many people are hurt. The train was apparently given movement by teams of zombies. Sigrid accidentally kills more people by flipping switches in the damaged train.

Tansil uses the gold coins he recently found to purchase winter clothing and boots for he and Weenet, as well as reimburse the shopkeepers for the clothing that Nils steals concurrently.

The four find their way into a bar off Times Square. They discover toilets, running water and preserved food. Nils gets drunk slowly on watered down ale.

The four stumble into a musical performance, where they see a performance involving the US and Nazis? where the Nazis are winning, but a necromancer raises the dead and allows the US to defeat the Nazis. And the U.S. subsequently puts zombies into massive flying machines and sprinkles them over the Japanese empire.

They find hotel rooms, watch the Three Stooges, and go to sleep.

Session 7
A Land Down Under

Nils and sigrid go off on their own (where to? No one knows…) they have been left a scroll of teleportation that is a two-way scroll. (Either teleport to them or bring them to you – one use!)

Milo runs to the standing stones above the Chamber of Thodish to see if his long lost brother, Rafe, has been resurrected as per his request from Oberon – so far with no known monkey’s paw-esque interpretations of the wish. Rafe is somewhat annoyed that his older brother is now even MORE older.

Turns out that the Archdean sent Rafe to chamber of Thodesh to check the state of the warding there, so the archdean knew about the vampiric aboniation the whole time. Rafe went with an elf selected by King Andursa. While there, the elf talked to the vampire and went off through a secret door, leaving Rafe fighting off the Vampire’s domination.

Reunited, the brothers descend into the chamber with the intent of either (1) finding Tansil who ran off with Weenit the moment they originally entered the chamber through a secret passage in the back of the room or (2) following in the footsteps of the elven vampire collaborater. Milo and Rafe disarm a ghastly puzzle trap door/meat grinder trap rather brutishly by interupting the water flow that powered the mechanism.

They discover many old dwarven corpses on the other side of the door and it appears they were sucked from the Chamber of Thodish by the drap and dismembered. They also find 80 gold pieces—ancient dwarvish origin coins.

They continue down the way. The corridor is dwarven handiwork. Very clean work.
Stale smell, but detecting a waft of wind from behind flowing down into the depths.
Tunnel becomes irregular, water flows faster, splooshy, splooshy, splush.

The Chamber splits into three directions:
Passage to the Right is the smaller crack where the wind sucks in the torch.
Middle passage has a fresh-air smell mixed with heated poop smell? and moose sound, warm air
Left passage has cold air, very cold, smells like pine
Rafe and Milo find a scrap of Tansil’s robe patches b/t left and middle. Did he leave it intentionally?

They find a gold piece on right side. Beneath the gold piece is a tiny scrap of paper which gets sucked down the passage. They rush into the tight passageway to find it.

They emerge into a pitch black, dank, echoey cave with mushrooms glowing all around. They find the piece of parchment, it was hammered from stalk of a mushroom. Milo examines it and doesn’t recognize the language. Perhaps elvish? Rafe takes a look and is “struck” by whatever he read. Knocks him to the ground. Perhaps it is a trap for humans? Elvish, but not like any elvish we’ve read before. They keep the parchment fragment for further study. Rafe muses it might be Drow.

They discover that they are on the banks of a huge underground lake…perhaps a sea? Terrifying sounds echo from all around and small sources of light and shifting shadows they can barely make out flit in their peripheral vision as their eyes acclimate to the light.

They search the nearby mushroom patch and find a rope hidden that leads into the water and pull it up and it is attached to a head and torso which juts out of the water. Milo fearfully smashes the head and it is revealed to be a hollow stone statue. They continue to pull up the rope and it turns out that the head is actually the figurehead on the bow of a smallish (8-10’ long) pale boat with eight oars. The figurehead appears to be a centaur-like creature, but instead of the body and legs of a horse, the body of a spider attached with the oars being “legs” – the vessel of dark elves, no doubt.

As the boat is pulled up onto the shore, there is a disturbance in the water as something beneath it approaches Milo and Rafe. Just then, Milo sees some sort of storage compartment built into the aft of the boat and sees something glinting from within. He launches himself toward it a circlet falls into his hands just as a form made entirely of water breaches itself and towers over him. He thrusts the circlet on his head and feels compelled to say “BOOM, BABY!” and a wave of force slams into the elemental, sending it fleeing back into the water.

Rafe and Milo decide to put the boat back in the water and return the rope to its hidden place and return to where the tunnel branched initially.

They examine some etching on the walls in the left passage, human in origin and piece together from their knowledge of ages past that this is likely a passage to the kingdom of Totenfrau, legendary for its magically temperate weather and also for being ruled entirely by women. The men are rumored to be held in a far less spectacular village outside the region known as Middlemane. They were known to the monastery primarily from their fabled trade with the dwarves who initially carves the Vaults they live in now.

The party takes the fabric scrap from the monastic order of Oghma, presumably from Tansil, and venture down the center tunnel, which is muggy, sludgy and reeks of shit and oil. After carefully following pipes that seem to join together and run down the tunnels, they find strange scraps of wet parchment with incredibly even lettering which is completely foreign to them. suddenly they are assaulted with wind, light and a horrendous cacophony…sounding like a thousand pots and pans caught together in a tornado. Just as it was here it was gone. It happens again and they realize it is some magical beast. A subterranean dragon of sorts.

They quickly and quietly follow its path, and are amazed to emerge into a large underground chamber, lit with a thousand glowing torches, filled with people dressed in strange clothing, the walls covered in smudged, but shiny tiles. They suddenly felt wind rush into their backs and turned to see the two screaming eyes and loud roar of another dragon behind them and leapt up onto the higher area to their left that the people were standing on and cried out as the dragon stopped and belched forth dozens of seemingly unharmed humans and more walked in to replace them. People stopped and stared at them. Some laughed, some covered their mouths and some simply shook their heads and muttered and ignored them.

Session 6
A Valley Forged

The party resumes play in a domed room with a desiccated corpse of the dragonkin, Pierce, the body of Volnirda (Talamander’s fabled Shield Maiden) and a human corpse in elven armor.

Stone finds a locket on the corpse of Volnirda and then collapses, crying uncontrollably.

Sigrid discerns a trail of shattered spikes pointing to an earlier entrance by an unknown party. It appears that someone fell into the room, made a beeline for the locked door and then circled around to the opposite side of the room and made their way to the slightly raised bowl of stone that held the Hammer of Thodish.

The female corpse seems to flinch from the light. Sigrid inspects it. Although her Arcane knowledge isn’t so helpful, she moves to take the skull, which crumbles, but she takes the jawbone and hair. And takes Pierce’s claws. Fiendish actions, no?

The party moves on to inspect the human corpse; it is slightly mummified in Thornwatch armor. There is a ceremonial dagger lodged in its throat.

The scabbard on Stone’s hip starts to vibrate, and Nils makes an (unconscious?) grab for Wristcutter. “When the Hunt is done, you may go wherever you like,” says Stone. The blade remains with Stone.

Meanwhile, exhausted from trying to save the local villagers and slamming the ancient monastery gates on a mind-bendingly powerful undead dwarf/vampire, Milo emerges into the Room of Doors. The door with liquid leaking from it is stubbornly shut tight. Milo has a funny feeling about this passage, detects a whiff of lamp oil, and proceeds to blow up the monastery’s sub-basement. Doors explode causing damage to those above and below. Stop, Drop, and Roll (into an Ettin corpse) proves handy for Milo’s hot feet. Pulling himself through the door and the missing ceiling using the dangling arms of an extra crispy roper,

Meanwhile, the door at the top of the Roper chamber has exploded into the room where the rest of the party is, knocking Tansil out and dealing a hefty blow to Sigrid.

Greetings are less than cheerful, as Milo identifies the human corpse as his little brother, Rafe. Rafe had disappeared after going in search of a missing caravan with a mysterious figurine. Milo collapses in grief, and Stone gives him the ceremonial dagger. Milo takes the dagger and the family holy symbol. Sigrid notes that Rafe appears to have committed suicide while walking backwards from the center of the room.

The party turns to figuring out to get topside, and Sigrid sends a mage hand with a rope to the ceiling and attaches it to the ground. “Yes,” she notes, “magic has returned.”

The party ascends, and Milo takes all three corpses up the rope to be buried properly.

Above ground, all is black and the clouds boil with lightning flashes. The valley below is dark, with just a few flickering lights. The party finds a ring of standing stones with a damaged circle of protection. Milo heals the circle somewhat. The party recoils after spying a strange face in the direction of Thornwatch in a lightening flash. The party buries the dead in the circle with a cairn and sigil of Oghma. The party notices that Tansil disappeared while we were all watching the mage hand. He never ascended the rope.

During his watch, Milo watches huge lightning bolts crash into Thornwatch, repeatedly. Upon wakening, the party notices that the standing stone protective barrier has grown stronger. Stone finds an elven grappling hook. The party begins to descend to the valley towards Thornwatch via the monastery gate. The rain has washed off the lamp oil. As the party walks towards the monastery gate, Will appears to have problems with his sword and scabbard. Again. Stone says that his Hunt is now focused on a beast; after defeating it he expects to return to the Court.

The party sees a dark figure with arms upraised in the distance. As the party makes their way down the monastery face, Will finds a satchel with three mysterious vials. No one knows what they are. Milo suspects these may be Oghma holy water, and now could be healing

As the party approaches the river bridge, they notice the bodies of villagers on the bridge and in the water. Milo feels something undead and advances warily. Zombies attack!

Milo lights his oiled glaive with Stone’s help and lights up a zombie.

Stone attacks two zombies, killing them both.

Some of the re-dead zombies get back up.

The dark figure notices the melee, snarls and casts down another lightening bolt upon Thornwatch. Bark flies wounding Nils.

The other pile of dead bodies begins to shuffle.

After 6 zombies pile on Milo, he pushes them all off with a whirl of his glaive (20!)

Thorn, a huge Ent, stops his watch, raises a foot, and crushes the dark figure.

The party polishes off the last two zombies.

The ent’s foot grinds the figure down, while elven arches fire arrows into the pile of bodies, suspecting more undead.

Will and Milo rush towards the pile. Milo saves a schoolteacher and attempts to save her

Will runs to the ent’s foot asking it raise up and allow Will to strike the figure. Thorn parts his toes. Will slashes the dark figure and sets it afire.

It dissolves and reforms diving into Milo’s pack.

Milo drops his flaming pack, rescues the child, and turns back to his pack.

Sigrid uses insight on the dark figure. Will attacks the pack, misses with the firebrand, but nails a 20 with the axe.

A metallic “ping” rings out, a cry of pain, the bag spins levitates and implodes, scattering the remains of the vial.

The sun peeks out behind rapidly dissipating storm clouds.

Stone solemnly approaches the Ent, tossing Wristcutter to Nils, and is then happily crushed under a large wooden foot.

A portal in the ent opens and the non-flattened party members enter into a fey plane.

They encounter Oberon, King of Faeries, who cancels Sigrid’s disguise—she’s a tiefling.

Pixies come out with libation and dirty jokes.

We find out that Milo’s brother killed himself, rather than becoming food by the vampire
lich that Will dispatched. Odd are that was Talamander who was noted to have drunk the blood of his enemies during battle.

“What’s in your pack?”, Milo asks Sigrid.
“I should have asked you the same thing!” she retorts.

Oberon offers boons:
Milo asks for his brother to be restored to life
Nils asks for “untold riches” and receives the greatest gift of all—friendship!
Sigrid asks for immortality, but not by way of becoming undead.

Oberon answers some questions:
The Hammer of Thodesh exists and WAS Talamander

Thodesh is an ancient god…a “Great One” that existed before the time of gods.

The monastery lies over vast mithril mines carved out by the ancient dwarves.

Tansil has been tasked with taking Weenit and going deep into them to preserve knowledge from whatever the heck was going on outside at the time.

Weenit is a living book which contains the original magical text of “The Bones of the Mountain” and can be used to grant enormous powers for good or evil.

The party decides to pursue Tansil and the book. But first, they must stop at the standing stones, revive Rafe, re-bury the Shield Maiden, and take a breather.

Session 5

As the party emerges from their battle with the Cube (see Oozius Maximus) a page comes and grabs Milo, waving Tansil off and rushes out towards the surface with the former in tow, stating he is urgently needed.

Eventually the party is informed by Dalrac that the elves have sealed the gates to the Valley, trapping a caravan out in the wild, and stopping all passage in or out of Thornwatch.

Nils and Lucian seek better accommodations for a long rest after the thrashing of/by the Cube.

After the rest:

Lucian, Tansil, William rouse and head to find the new Arch Dean to see what happened to Milo. He has been in Thornwatch for 12 hours with no word. Preparations for a siege of the monastery are beginning in earnest – albeit inexpertly. William has used the cistern as a swimming pool.

Stone hints to Lucian that an aerial scout would be helpful. Lucian’s friend scouted the sky. An army of ogres and kobolds sits outside the valley, causing Thornwatch to button up. strong magical energies are fomenting in Thornwatch. The caravan is mysteriously untouched near the evil army.

Nils gets dressed after a conversation in which he is mostly naked.

The clerics are doing a botched job of trying to secure the goods in the library damaging many documents in the process. Tansil winces.

Nils fiddles with his new Dwarvish rod.

Tansil wants to delve deeper to try to find the source of the dark forces and shut it down to assuage the elves.

At the room of doors, William tries to lift the fallen cold door, but a cave in from above opens, and a dragon man falls down, perchance hiding from something much much bigger upstairs.

An Ettin leaps down and deals massive damage to the dragonborn – a combat ensues where the Ettin is initially disoriented by the darkened room.

Nils in classic form pisses the Ettin off as the Ettin charges Pierce and Stone slaughter it as it passes.

Gems are pried from trophy skulls on the ogre’s belt – William gives one to Tansil and one to Nils. Stone then gives some torn off dragonborn scales to Lucian.

Lucian engages the newcomer – Pierce – in conversation about his lands and his purpose.

Lucian peels away layers of makeup and or sorcery, revealing the young woman, Sigrid. Reveals he is a she and use the disguise to hide her magic.

The rod (which was “procured” from the Arch Dean’s quarter’s by Nils) is manipulated by Sigrid using mage hand to first extend it and then lock it in space in the door with the bas relief of the reaving, unlocking the fallen door from the ground and ultimately revealing a Frost Brand blade beneath.

Stone uses the rod’s ‘combine’ switch to grab the ice blade to create a frost brand.

Now with fire resistance, Stone can approach the hot door, which cools down from red hot to a tarnished brass-green, with slot in the middle of the door. Stone uses the sword as a key in the slot hole to open the door.

There is tiny sun floating in the middle of the room beyond. The room is spherical, and covered with mirrors. Sigrid sends in an unseen servant and it is blown up.

Stone wants to shatter the mirror, others object. Stone shatters the mirror anyway, lessening the heat, making it possible to enter with the ice sword out.

He then falls in slices himself up on the glass. The ice blade falls out. The hilt begs for a “brand”. William tells the sword I brand you Wristcutter . The sword approves and yet begs for another ‘brand’.

Meanwhile, with out the mirrors, the stone walls start crumbling under the attack of the fire seed, threatening to bury Stone and the ice blade. Oscillating between trying to save his own skin and save the ice blade, Stone almost accidentally uses the combine function of the rod to swallow the fire seed into the rod, ending the threat of cave in. He causally in retrieves the ice blade.

He comes up and out drenched in his blood – Nils points out he is often covered in blood. Stone giggles like a child as he switches the blade between flame and frost.

Sigrid goads Pierce to touch the frost door – who becomes encased in obsidian – no saving throw! They then use a canopic jar to gather blood from the ettin – stone uses his new sword to slice open the ettin’s wrist.


They pour the blood into an extended lower jaw of the face on the door – where there is a small basin.

The spirit of the mummy was in the jar, and sucked blood out of Sigrid too. The blood opened the door, ripping Pierce’s hand in half. We glimpsed into the room with pipes, with no immediate threat, tansil gather the obsidian shards of the hand, and does a cool mend/heal combo.

The mummy homunculus leaps out of the jar and tries to inhabit the dragonborn, but his paladin immunity shoved it back out, where the dragon’s ice breath and the fire brand beat it rapidly back. Bandages that had appeared around Pierce fall to the ground.

After briefly containing the mummy remains, Sigrid is forced to return the remains of the mummy.

Pierce definitively slays the spirit of the mummy and discorporates it. Inspiration dice fly around the table.

We enter the greased gnomish death trap – Stone switches his blade to ice form to prevent a conflagration.

Sigrid persuades Nils into look the brain scrambler citing the existence of a ‘jewel’ in the scrambler. It grabs him and encases his head in the brass sphere.

The door starts to shut and the oil rises. The ettin’s weapons wedge the door open a bit but they surely won’t hold long. Just before Stone shoves Sigrid into a helmet, she volunteers to, goads him to do the same.

Stone (much to Chuck’s annoyance) goes in also. Now three people have their heads encased in sound proof metal, and spikes grinding into their brains. The door closes faster – tansil and pierce attempt to to leave the room, pierce couldn’t make it. Tansil could, but chooses not to.

A roper attacks – lifting up PIerce and Tansil.

Stone uses wrist cutter to see what’s going on and takes some sloppy swings at the roper.

Sigrid uses her ‘friend’ to see what’s going on – and does a sorcerous blast to the beast but strikes Tansil .

She telepathically tells us to scream to raise ourselves, quoting the bones of the mountain: “As mortals expelled fearful cries,”

We scream to hasten our rise.

Pierce grapples a tentacle and prepares to ride up to the beast – an ignorant Stone severs the vine sending Pierce back to the ground.

Pierce and Tansil take turns dropping to 0 HP from the cavernous maw of the roper.

By the time the helmets reach the top, Nils has defeated the helmet mechanism and is attacking the roper directly, Stone is swinging wildly at the roper, and the oil has raised everyone up enough – the roper flees, we do not pursue. The party rests briefly at the catwalk at the top of the room.

Stone contemplates setting the oil aflame, then is talked out of it.

We open the next door, reaving a hammer in the middle of a spiked floor, Stone goes bonkers. He pins Nils against a wall reciting verse:

“Pull upon the spiked floor
To open up the final door
But once you enter
Leave no more"

Lucian/Sigrid asks where that’s from – Stone says its from the Bones of the Mountain – just a part he neglected to mention before. Stone strolls into the chamber of rune covered spikes and The Hammer at the center.

Nils says: “Don’t go in there, once you enter, leave no more!

Stone points back the way they came: “What makes you think I want to go back to that world?”

The Hammer starts to wobble.

Stone grabs the hammer and tries to hold it still and continues speaking

“The Ancient ebon field lay fallow
Til ivory tooth did furrow form.
The brow of power’s prison rankled
As Begin’s blinding scythe bred scorn."

The Hammer of Thodish is apparently pinning an undead creature to the floor – it lashes out at Stone.

Stone: “Wait, wait, this is a prison – don’t let the hammer move.”

Nils and Pierce try to help – Pierce stumbles, destroys some already crumbling enchanted spikes and launches himself in front of Nils, just as Nils reaches the hammer.

The vampire grabs Pierce, drinks his fill and leaps up The Hammer falling to the side. Pierce is killed instantly from the force of the feeding.

The cloaked figure shouts “The Hammer of Thodesh is FREED” and flies away accompanied by a thunderclap – we hear cries of suffering and destruction from the valley below.

A second dead figure is found under the remains of the hammer – now just a pile of metal filigree with a pile of dust under it. There is a locket that implies it was Volnirda the Talamander’s companion woman-at-arms.

Stone stomps around in disgust, tears coming down his face “Where is the DOOR?!”

The Second Reaving has come.

Session 4

When last we had left our party, they were recovering from a shocking encounter with a walking corpse wrapped in rags and a horde of rabid rats.

The party, assured by the medicantus that they had recently recovered a recipe for a salve that could cure magical diseases, set to debate their next move with Tansil lobbying to return to the Archdean to report their current findings and Lucian demanding they move forward. While they argued, they also took stock of the room around them.

There are 5 doors in the room, each 8 feet tall by 10 feet wide.
left RED, then GOLD, then WHITE, then a door that has fallen down that is BLACK, and a BLUE door all the way to the right. Behind where the BLACK door was on the wall, is just a stone wall, not a doorway.

Tansil insists that the group leave the level and report everything to the Archdean. Tansil tried to stand between Nils and the doors. Nils tried to search Tanil’s pockets, and accidentally breaks through his robe and accidentally touches him below the waist.

Weenet and two guards approach. Tansil insist that they escort Nils and Lucian off the floor. William Stone slipped and fell on some rat guts and ended up face-to-face with the mummy’s now inanimate remains and took a deep breath to yell out and sucked in a heaping helping of mummy dust. He seemed fine for a short while, but several minutes later he turned a sickly shade of brown and collapsed onto the floor. Guards from the monastery quickly shuffled him off to the infirmary.

Weenet gets weirded out and leaves the room. the party follows and Tansil takes the team to talk to the Archdean. The Archdean’s assistant comes out and says the Archdean has fallen sick in the last hour. The Archdean is laid out on a bed, and looks almost dead. He looks at Milo. Everyone but the party is ordered from the room.

The Archdean has been having visions of the monks and elves fighting. He sees a great evil. He tells us the 6th level has not been breached in 300 years. All records of level 6 were destroyed or lost. There’s a group called The Order of Talamander, a mythical secret order, trying to hide info about level 6 and 7. The Bones of the Mountain could have some clues. He tells us there are rumors of a movement growing amongst the elves to take control of the monastery.

Tansil gets him a drink of water and turns around only to see the Archdean sighing out his last breath. Milo tries to lay hands on him to heal him and he turns to dust. Milo and Tansil cry out in grief, and Nils, unseen, steals something from a nearby bookcase.

Lucian gathers some ashes of the Archdean in a bottle. Lucian explains to the team about Oberon and the dwarven and elven translations.

Milo, Will and Tansil take a long rest and meanwhile, Lucian reviews what the Archdean had been reading. It was about The Reaving and Talamander using Thodish’s hammer. Talamander exited the vault into the valley as Thornwatch was overrun.Evil creatures followed him from the vault. He ascended into the night sky, and dropped down and smote both evil and good alike, tearing cankered flesh and healthy tissue from the bosom of the earth. He attacked with such great ferocity it is said that he devoured the flesh of friend and foe alike. Talamander was given a great status and the monastery placed The Hammer of Thodish back inside the deepest vault. Talamander was so disturbed by what he did, that he disappeared when The Hammer was interred and was never seen again.

Meanwhile, Nils runs into Tansil and Brother Elich coming out of the cold storage when he goes to the kitchen to make a sandwich. Elich makes deluxe sandwich for both of them. Nils gets a cistern of wine. Brother Elich gives Nils a pack with 3 days of tasty rations.

Milo checks in on Will, who is weak, but recovering. Some of the clerics in the order have begun to manifest rudimentary healing powers and had made much progress in treating the rot. Luckily, they caught it early and it had not set in aggressively.

Milo goes to talk to his mom in the cloister, but she was not allowed as she had taken a vow of solitude. Milo was turned away.

The party made way back into the 6th level of the Vault. 12 heavily armored soldiers in the kitchen and around the doors to level 6. Tansil asks Weenet about his fears. He asks about the mummy Weenet says that was not darkness, just a passing shadow. He takes us to the section of the 5th level about the history of the monastery. All the useful books are missing.

We go back to the 6th floor and look at the doors. he upper arch of the empty doorway has been crushed, looks like a long time ago. Nils looks at the White door. Realizes it is covered in hoarfrost. Lucian tries to touch it with a torch, and the fire goes out.

Tansil looks at the Canopic jars in the mummy. He opens one of the jars, then closes it. He notices a circular pattern of dust on the floor. The mummy had been walking in circles in the room for quite some time.

The Red door is burning hot.

Lucian touches the Blue door. The door bulges then starts to pull him in. Milo charges the door with his glaive, he sinks in all the way up to his hands. The door grabs onto Milo as well.
Lucian fails to extricate himself from the door and shillelaghs his staff and it grows leaves and glows.

Tansil throws holy water on the team at the door and blesses them. Lucian is engulfed by a giant translucent matte cube, the cube pulses with an inner fire and expands and contracts quickly. Nils shoots it with a crossbow and hits, barely missing Lucian who feels some small objects inside the cube. The cube goes into the doorway and back out. Milo tries to pull his glaive back out, the cube grabs onto his hands and covers them in acid. Lucian escapes from the cube, grabbing the glave and pulling it out as he leaps back, doing damage.

Tansil shoots the cube with a crossbow.
The cube tries to engulf Milo and Lucian unsuccessfully.
Nils shoot it with a crossbow
Lucian steps back and uses magic to analyze its defenses
Tansil shoots it with crossbow
The cube engulfs Nils, but he escapes
Milo attacks with his glaive
Lucian give it a little eldritch blast – kerpew.
Tansil shoot it with his crossbow
Milo dodges a lunge from the cube
Nils shoots it with crossbow
Milo slices it through it and it falls into liquid.
Lucian says “I told you it was a liquid door!”
Lucian notes that the gelatinous cube is a species known as Oozious Maximus.
There is some loot that was in the cube on the floor.
The snail trail of the cube smokes and bubbles on the Black door.
Milo detect evil, theres a subtle feeling of evil from Lucian’s area. There is a sense of something evil from the area near the canoptic jars. There is a sense of something celestial in the jar Tansil is holding. Tansil opens the jar, and a bright white piece of chalk is in it. He puts the chalk back in the jar.
The doors give off a competing sense of good and evil.

Session Three

Tansil Matterham Slept the day away and had a nice brunch after the battle with the phantom armor and weapons.

Milo Moonsilver went to visit his father Uhredith Moonsilver with William Stone and met Milo’s uncle, Amrodt Moonsilver at the gates to the recently fortified Thornwatch, clearly vigilant against the events of recent days. Nils Rivalor came along as well! His uncle seemed to express some sympathy for the situation as it appears magic is re-entering the world.

Amrodt allowed Milo, William and Nils to enter and after a testy exchange between Milo and his estranged father, they were escorted in to meet King Andursa, who had apparently become a MUCH younger version of himself. After a back and forth, the King brought William Stone into an antechamber alone. Upon exiting with the King, William Stone emerged, covered in blood and started loudly proclaiming something about “The Hunt”.

The party came back, took a secret entrance into the next level of the Vaults and confronted a mummy and destroyed it. They found X items. Giant armor in level 5. Slid wall aside. William and Nils came in last. Mummy rats.

Nils got bracers of archery, 13 precious stones (1 a pearl) at 100gp each.William Stone got…? Periapt of wound closure.

Session Two
Awakenings Dark and Light

Tansil was ‘interviewing’ William about the events surrounding the book.

They found out that Weneet had a habit of tapping it, and found out that he always tapped a series of books.

On the suspicion that they might be magic, all of Weneet’s favorite books were rounded up and put under lock and key. William managed to get a bit of time to read the book, and he declared that it wasn’t the original, and given that it is in both elvish and dwarvish, the original must be in thornwatch.

A ruckus drew their attention, and they went down towards the 5th level, to find the elves dead or dying, and many wounded members of the abbey under assault by levitating swords.

The swords were beaten down, and an inwardly lit suit of armor came up towards the door.

William closed the door and barred it. The armor had trouble getting through and bashed repeatedly against it. Worried that the armor might find other survivors on the other side, the PCs evacuated the non-combantants, Tansil healed those who needed it with newfound celestial power , had the door to the fourth level closed and barred, then they opened the door to the fifth, and the armor charged in.

Session One

William convinced out-of-towner Niles to help him get a copy of a book out of the vaults.

The party coalesced around a paladin (Milo, played by Ben) who guarded one of the vaults in the monastery. They goaded him into helping them access to the vault. Once inside, the historian Lucian (played by Claire) used some pretty fancy talkin (a Suggestion spell with a disastrous fail by the target, The Vice Dean of the Monastery) to gain access to the highest levels.

They still had to go through security pat-downs on the way in and eventually made it to the 4th level (of 7, with the 7th holding the most powerful artifacts).

While in level 4, the party split up, with the paladin and ranger finding some malevolent entity was involved in the theft of a book reported recently missing.

During the security sweep into level 5, the recently missing book was found in Lucian’s bag. The rogue, Nils (played by Charles) said he put it there. Nils and Lucian were put into a holding cell.

While the PCs were there trying to sort out what was going on, an invisible raven was caught by the ranger William while talking to Lucian on his shoulder. The raven appeared, struggling in William’s hand. This was astonishing because no one had seen magic in hundreds of years. The entire party saw this including a guard who called out for the Vice Chancellor, who rushed in, but not before William released the bird for unknown reasons. Everyone claimed not to have seen the raven except for the guard. This brought the Archdean in and the paladin paused, broke down and explained almost everything including the magic that was seen.

The archdean scoffed and handed a “magic” polearm to the paladin and told him to make it work. The polearm immediately began to glow, the elderly archdean, terrified and amazed, had a massive heart attack and almost died at the feet of the paladin. The paladin reached out and healed him. The Archdean called out “Oghma be praised!” and that was the end of the session.


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